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Long Hair Curl Sponge

This Long hair Curl Sponge is a must-have for a person with curly hair, it creates a smooth, curly hair solution that is top-rated for heatless curling and curling hair. It also becomes example for creating a waves effect with the former.

Natural Hair Curl Brush

Looking for a substitute to keep your hair digging healthy and curly for up to 24 hours? This natural hair Curl brush offers your solution! The brush helps to keep your hair's healthy Curl while you sleep, this is a Long hair Curl Sponge that is heatless. It does not require a heat to work, the Sponge is manufactured of soft cotton and it is reusable. It extends a soft and hot curling rod for a more smooth and curly hair, this conair foam soft Sponge hair rollers curlers for bouncy curls 61118 z is an enticing surrogate for Long hair curl. It is a soft Sponge that will take care of your hair's rollers without harsh chemicals, and because it is a foam material, this sponges will not damage your hair or problems. This Long hair Curl Sponge is again non-toxic and extends a high levels of iron which is sensational for suitors with strong hair, this 3-in-1 Curl Sponge is top-grade for creating long, thick curls! The bunny ears give your hair an unique bounce and the donut shape ensures that your hair feels tangle-free. The tool can also be used to create doughnuts, donuts, or hair.