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Hair Curling Rods

Looking for a surrogate to add heat to your hair curling experience? Inquire into our heatless curling rod and curler headband! These accessories are reusable so you can keep them as your new favorite curling rod, the unique soft roller will keep your hair in place and give you that emphasis you need to complete your professional look.

Hair Curling Flexi Rods

Looking for a new alternative to curl up your hair? Look into these heatless curlers curling rod curler headband and soft ribbon curling cap! They are so flexible and can easily hold on to your curl patterns, looking for a fun and stylish substitute to curl your hair? We have everything you need in this pack of 7 foam flexible curling rods. From you style to thick or thin, these will help you achieve any style you need to, products for hair curling are coming soon! We have different types of hair curling Rods for you to choose from. You can find hair curling Rods for short, medium, or long hair, we have 47 products for you to choose from and they are made of aware foam. They will curl your hair for a more styled look, plus, the softness of the curlers will make it feel easier and more comfortable.